My name is Christine Donaldson and I live in San Francisco, CA. I’m a musician and a skier with a deep passion for gear and outdoor adventure. I recently graduated college with a degree in jazz music performance and sound engineering from the University of Southern California, where I competed on the ski team and spent winter seasons at Mammoth Mountain. I am now confidently pursuing my dreams of big mountain skiing and performing my original music. For more in depth information about me and my music, be sure to visit my personal website, or follow me on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

The Wilderling’S Mission

A cultivated flower that has come to thrive in the wilderness.

The Wilderling is a blog for women who brave the outdoors, crave adventure, and the gear to go with it! You’ve become a Wilderling when your commitment to adventure has you dreaming of what equipment will help make your next dream come true.

A Wilderling is unapologetically girly with a ceaseless appetite for adventure. You take your chances like you take your vitamins and soak up every offering the world gives you with grace. You chase action in every environment, whether you’re a pro-athlete or a weekend warrior. You commit to the healthiest version of yourself while having the most fun as possible. You follow your heart into storms, waves, long open roads, and find courage in those moments when you can embrace nature’s chaos in a layer of gore tex, neoprene, or spf100. It’s that combination of passion and danger that makes you feel alive.

Your best conversations with friends are during sweaty summit quests and coffee breaks in spandex. You avoid the rush of society, but speed is your best friend. You’ve suffered through learning moments and deserve to keep your standards high when choosing which gear will take you through your next feat and accompanying moments of glory. Traveling the world broadens your being, inspires your pursuits, and confirms on every new adventure, that you are a Wilderling at heart.