My Norway Itinerary

I planned my dream trip this year. I’m heading to Norway. The best part? I’m bringing my skis!

I’ve been planning this since September, so you can imagine the anticipation I’m feeling to finally board my flight this Thursday. There are two reasons why this trip is really quite special:

1. My family traces many generations in Norway. My grandfather is from Norway and I have a large extended family there who I’ve never visited! UNTIL NEXT WEEK! My relatives are hosting me in two different towns – Bergen and Kristiansand.

(Thanks for texting me our family tree, Mom!)

2. I’m joining a group of friends on a yacht on the Arctic Ocean to ski backcountry fjords for a week.

enough said. 

I’m sharing my initial itinerary with you in case anyone has travel recommendations (please leave in the comments below!) I also send this to my family so they know where the heck I am in the world. I’ll be sharing a few more posts about how to pack for a backcountry ski trip like this, and what gear I’m taking with me.

Norway Itinerary

April 20 Thursday: Depart Oakland Airport (flights from Oakland-Oslo are cheap!)

April 21 Friday: Arrive Oslo. Flight to Tromso (way way North). Hotel in Tromso.

April 22 Saturday: Shop for 7 days of ski lunches. Board the yacht at Scandic Ishavshotellet Marina. Depart harbor at 5pm. 

April 23 Sunday: Sail & Ski in the Lygen Alps

April 24 Monday: Sail & Ski in the Lygen Alps

April 25 Tuesday: Sail & Ski in the Lygen Alps

April 26 Wednesday: Sail & Ski in the Lygen Alps

April 27 Thursday: Sail & Ski in the Lygen Alps

April 28 Friday: Sail & Ski in the Lygen Alps

April 29 Saturday: Disembark yacht in Tromso. Fly to Oslo. Take ski bag to airport bag storage.

Explore Oslo! Hotel in Oslo.

April 30th Sunday: Explore Oslo. Sleep at my friend Malin’s place in Oslo.

May 1 Monday: “Norway in a Nutshell” Trip: Take the train to Flam.

Kayak on the Sogneford. Overnight B&B in Flam.

May 2 Tuesday: “Norway in a Nutshell” Trip: Cruise on the Sogneford to Bergen. Arrive at AirBnB. 

May 3 Wednesday: Explore Bergen. Meet relative Erik for a run up to the top of fløibanen. Sleep at AirBnB.

May 4 Thursday: Fly to Kristiansand. Explore Kristiansand and meet Tore & family. Stay with Tore.

May 5 Friday: Explore Kristiansand and enjoy a big dinner with the whole family!

May 6 Saturday: Travel to Olso. Pick up ski bag. Fly home. 

I am still researching things to do in Oslo, Bergen, and Kristiansand. Recommendations are welcome! Otherwise I will probably skim Lonely Planet the day before I arrive in each city!

Stay tuned for my recap in a couple weeks :)


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