Training with the TomTom Adventurer Watch

My active routine includes a lot of adventure mixed with fitness training. From where I live in San Francisco it only takes a few minutes to access steep coastal mountains, or just a few hours to drive to the snow-covered Sierra Nevada peaks. One morning I might be on a 5 mile trail run before work, and then the next day I might be ski touring or lapping powder runs in the mountains.

This combination of activities has made it hard to find a reliable fitness watch with all of the metrics and features that I want. However, the game is changing and TomTom (GPS Navigation and Sport Watch Company) is accommodating action sports athletes like me!

Last month I met with TomTom to learn more about their new Adventurer Watch, and it’s safe to say that it’s become a piece of gear that I use daily. Every morning before my run I have some coffee and put on my watch. Beyond providing the normal fitness metrics for my routine morning runs, it has ALL of the tools I need for my adventures in the mountains. Here are some of the features that make this watch more suitable for my off-road excursions:

1. It Works for Skiers & Snowboarders

This watch is great for Snowboarders & Skiers because it includes relevant sport-related metrics like altitude and elevation gain, 3D distance, a built in heart rate monitor, and the COOLEST feature: lift detection. You can pull up an automatic descent summary after your last run and and read the stats about your ride while on the lift back up!

2. It Helps You Explore New Routes and Stay on Route

This is a really important feature for me. Have you ever tried to run a new trail route, attempting to use Strava on your phone (that probably already lost service or will die half way through your run)? Yea…it’s frustrating! The Adventurer watch allows you to load GPX files so that you can follow a map for the new route! The watch has incredibly accurate GPS and shows where you are on the map with a little arrow. If you end up off-route (whether on purpose or not) you can retrace your steps on the watch because it leaves a “breadcrumb” trail. Here are some of the features that make trail exploration so reliable on this watch:

  • Real-time Information with GPS and Barometric Altimeter
  • Compass
  • New model GPS chip
  • Trail Run & Hike modes with an extended-life >20-hour GPS mode
  • A TomTom “Mysports” App that easily allows you to load new routes or see the routes you’ve explored while wearing the watch.

3. It Holds & Plays Your Music

I REALLY love to train with music. The Adventurer has an inbuilt music player with 3 GB of space and bluetooth headphones included. Every time you connect your watch to your computer it’s incredibly easy to pull playlists from selected windows/mac music programs. With music stored on the watch, it’s a great option for those of us who do not want to carry an unwieldy smartphone.

4. It’s easy to use, and durable!

(An important set of qualifiers for people like me 😳)

I never buy things that I know I’m going to break. The Adventurer watch has a really strong strap with a plastic shell around the computer. If you drop it on an adventure or while gearing up at the trunk of your car…no biggie.

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