Get out of the city and hit the slopes with Skedaddle!

Ever thought “Gosh it would be great to get out of the city this weekend”?

If you’re an adventurous urbanite like me, you’ve probably had this thought once or twice (ok actually every weekend, let’s be real). But after considering the DRIVING 😱 …PLANNING 😱 …DIRECTIONS😱 …PARKING😱 …your default “brunch and laundry Sunday” seems easier after a long work week.

NO! No no no! Make your dreams come true because *thank the heavens* there is a company called Skedaddle that makes it easy for you and all your friends to go anywhere, together. In fact, they’re even paying for your lift ticket if you sign up for one of their surprise ski trips! (More on that later).

On Saturday I joined a Skedaddle bus ride from San Francisco to Sierra-at-Tahoe ski resort in Tahoe, California. At 6:30am I hopped on a luxury bus and, before I knew it, I was skiing a bluebird powder day in Tahoe!

Our bus pulled into Sierra-at-Tahoe promptly at 9:30am and, as someone who normally drives my own car to Tahoe, I was shocked at how much faster time flew by. I had time to sleep, chat with my friend Ella, eat the snacks I packed, and meet other skiers on the bus. The most amazing part about this trip is that it stormed the night before and it was a picture perfect powder day. A lot of people avoided driving to Tahoe during the storm and, as a result, there were no crowds! I was skiing fresh powder until the lifts closed at 4pm.

After a full day of skiing we had just enough time to grab an apres-ski beer and then hop back on the bus. It was such a great feeling to know that I’d scored an epic powder day and was going to be resting back in my own bed that night in San Francisco.

I still have that aforementioned exciting news to share with you! Skedaddle is paying for you to strap on your skis this season. Each Monday through mid-March, Skedaddle will announce a new featured ski and snowboard destination on its social media channels. If enough people register, the company will reward each adventurer with free lift tickets.

Everyone on my bus got to ski for free! That, in combination with not having to rent a hotel or airbnb for the night, really saved everyone a chunk of change.

So get out there and make your adventure dreams come true! Take a luxury bus out of the city with your friends and go anywhere with Skedaddle. Personally, I recommend a ski trip ;)

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