Off-roading to the Sierra Buttes

It was the last weekend of indian summer in Northern California and we knew the rains were coming soon! A weekend in Hank the Truck was long overdue, so we decided to head for the mountains. I had no idea what to expect of my friend’s “secret camp spot” near the Sierra Buttes, but I was soon to discover one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever car camped.

Hank the Truck is a Toyota Tacoma with a Flippac camper attached. The bed is incredibly comfy and we layer two Rumpl blankets to stay warm at night. We store bins with all of our cooking supplies so that we can wake up and make everyone pancakes and coffee in the morning.

The highlight of this trip was hiking up to the fire lookout tower, perched ontop of the rocky buttes. The views make you feel like you’re standing ontop of the world! There are inscriptions in the rocks from gold rush men in the mid 1800’s, before there were any roads or trails to the top of the mountain! That completely blew my mind.

Downtime at the camp was filled with fun. I┬álearned how to shoot a shotgun! We drove the truck on some roads that were so gnarly I had to close my eyes. And, of course, there was a campfire and s’mores each night.

The sunsets at this high elevation are so powerful. This was the longest sunset I’ve ever seen and the sky stayed purple long after the sun disappeared. It was the perfect way to celebrate the end of summer.

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