Mammoth Mountain Girls Trip!

Last weekend I road tripped out to Mammoth Mountain opening weekend with four girls squished into my little Subaru. It was the type of girls weekend I’d always hoped for. We left the bay area at 6am on a Friday and my abs were already tired from laughing by 8am! It’s a long drive out to Mammoth (about 6 hours) but the trip seemed to fly by.

There are several different ways to drive to Mammoth from San Francisco, but lucky for us the shortcut through Yosemite was still open (it usually closes in December for a few winter months). We got to drive by some of my favorite scenery in California, including Tenaya Lake and Tioga Pass.

Of course, there was a mandatory stop at Mono Lake. If you haven’t visited here yet, you better add it to your bucket list! It’s the type of place that makes you feel like you’re standing on a different planet. The color reflected on the water changes shocking tones throughout the day – and there are crazy rock formations called Tufa Towers that are like nothing you’ve ever seen.

And then the weekend of skiing began! It was the first time in years that there was enough snow for Mammoth to open the top of their mountain this early in the year! The snow was in great condition and I couldn’t have been happier to shred with a group of enthusiastic, strong ladies. We skied all day, cooked big dinners, and danced late into the night.

An active girls trip is really the way to go. Getting everyone geared up and out doing something rad is the best feeling – especially when it’s a group of women that you admire. So cheers to more adventures with the girls!

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