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I recently had the pleasure of working with Old Navy and I tried their fitness apparel line for the first time! With the recent craze for “fitness couture” and $100 yoga pants, I was very excited to try some gear that’s extremely affordable. Trust me – quality is extremely important to me….but I tend to splurge more on technical apparel that affects performance or safety in sports like skiing or cycling. But for running and cross-training – just give me something flattering and comfy and I’ll be stoked! With that said, I was extremely pleased with the Old Navy Active line. And you can basically buy an entire wardrobe of it for $100.

Here’s the truth with more affordable fitness wear: for every good piece there’s a bad piece. Don’t order online. You just have to go try it on and see how it fits. There are some tops and bottoms that I LOVED when I tried on, and some that seemed like they’d been sewn with no regard to fit. Avoid most of the sports bras here, but DO go for the Go-Dry fabrics! My favorite pieces are:

Go-Dry Mid Rise Crop for Women
Go-Dry High Rise Compression Crop for Women
Go-Dry Fitted Performance Seamless Tank for Women
Go-Dry Performance Strappy Tank for Women

Where do you buy most of your fitness apparel from? Have you ever tried Old Navy Active? Let me know in the comments below!

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