How to Spend a Halloween in Santa Cruz

This year I celebrated Halloween in Santa Cruz, California!! I dressed up as a mountain biker, sailor, trail-runner, and beach babe. Never mind the fact that it’s not abnormal to play these roles every other day of the year ; ) But really…there are WAY too many fun things to do in Santa Cruz. Halloween is just the icing on the cake!

The ideal weekend starts with some early morning Saturday mountain biking in the hills behind the college campus. There is an endless supply of gnarly downhill for the extreme bikers, and then great easy-intermediate trails for learners like me :)

The afternoon is best spent on a boat!!! The Monterey Bay is incredible and the sunsets are amazing. You will see dolphins jumping and seals playing in the water every two minutes. Check out yelp for more affordable commercial prices from sailors in the area.

Sunday morning is a great time to drive into the Santa Cruz mountains and go for a hike or trail run. There’s a beautiful 6-7 mile loop in Castle Rock Park. The temperature drops up there so bring a jacket! There are awesome lookout points half-way through the trail…a perfect Probar picnic spot!

And of course…it wouldn’t be Halloween without a pumpkin carving party. I love bringing friends together on a porch, making mulled wine, and seeing what interesting Jack O’lanterns appear. I usually designate myself as the pumpkin seed baker. Half salt, half cinnamon sugar!

A surf or swim in the ocean the next morning usually makes the Monday blues disappear :)

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