Camping in Big Sur, CA

Big Sur is an incredibly beautiful little town on the central coast of California, nestled between the Santa Lucia coastal mountains and the Pacific ocean. People flock here during the summer for sunny hiking, camping, and coastal explorations. But I’ve discovered that October is actually my favorite time to visit this place. There are lots of places to camp, so it makes for a fun and affordable trip!

While it’s getting too cold for summer camping in the majority of the US, October hosts sunny 70-degree days in Big Sur. It’s a much more comfortable time to hike than the sweltering summer. In the evenings a cool fog rolls in, almost in sync with the setting sun. It makes it all the more fun to bundle up and gather around the campfire :) In the mornings I love to make coffee and nibble on a Probar at the campsite before leaving to hike.

Hiking is definitely the highlight of being in Big Sur! Trails wind up the coastal hills and lead you to waterfalls and spectacular views of the jagged coastline. There are also lots of beautiful little beaches and coves to explore. Some of my favorite are McWay Falls and Andrew Molera State Park.

Whether you’re leaving or going to Big Sur from the North, it’s amazing to stop and look at Bixby Bridge. It’s a crazy concrete arch on a cliff that was built in 1931!! To me, it’s sort of like the historic gate to the magical lands of Big Sur.

So there you have it. October in Big Sur!



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