Wrapping Up the Ski Season in Whistler and Utah

The snow was melting fast this April and Spring was coming early! I was called onto a field testing trip that required fresh snow and good conditions for ski touring. A meteorologist was hired to help determine where in the world it was going to snow, and about 3 days before our scheduled trip, it was decided we were heading to Whistler, Canada!


We arrived right after two big days of storms but got there in time to enjoy the fresh snow. It was my 2nd time skiing Whistler Blackcomb and I was really excited to ski with people who knew the terrain. We got to hike some awesome spots and get the best last snow of the season before it heated up again! Unfortunately the weather warmed up after our 3rd day there and everything got sticky. We knew it was going to be a slush-fest from there on out. So in order to carry on with high quality field testing, we packed up our bags (and all the wine bottles we bought) and moved the operation to Utah!!



Utah is one of my favorite places to ski in the world! I felt unbelievably lucky to go spend time in Little Cottonwood Canyon. We had passes to Snowbird Resort but we were mostly ski touring up Grizzly Gulch and a few other zones around Snowbird. A huge storm from a few days prior dumped lots of new snow in the backcountry that allowed for prime corn skiing in the late morning. The days were super long with early morning starts and then field testing downloads that went late into the night, but I loved it all! It was amazing to be with a group of gear engineers and scientists who could also shred! I learned so much from them and was thankful that I could share my insights to help test and improve the products.

The last day of our trip was closing day at Alta resort, which was a highly entertaining spectacle!! Skiers in costumes and beer everywhere. It was great :) Definitely planning on making more trips to SLC next winter season!

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