A Trip to San Clemente, CA

In April I had the really wonderful opportunity to visit San Clemente, CA for a few days. It was mostly a work trip and I originally wasn’t going to post about it, but the charming little beach town keeps popping up in my mind and I realized it was worth sharing. I absolutely loved it there! During the trip I teamed up with Oakley Women for a photoshoot and gave a speech for a sales team meeting. Coincidentally the Oakley Lowers Pro surf competition was happening at the same time, so I got to check that out too! Of all the towns in Orange County area, I’d definitely choose San Clemente for another adventure.

The warm weather and friendly waves were a welcome change from where I live on the cold and foggy San Francisco coast. I wished I had my longboard! I have to go back and surf sometime. We took a day trip down to Torrey Pines Park near San Diego for the photoshoot – an amazing landscape along the water with cliffs, trails, and cool trees. On the shoot I also got to meet two really inspiring Oakley Women athletes, Sage Erickson and Silje Norendal. They are incredible role models and truly amazing human beings :) I really enjoyed seeing the extremely active community of women around San Clemente – lots of girls surfing, running…yoga studios on every corner.

I was extremely impressed by the amount of healthy restaurants around the area too. You could get an acai bowl on ever street. That’s a rarity in most towns! There were so many places to get superfood salads and brown rice veggie bowls. I was so excited about the food that I was literally taking photos on my phone of the menus. I kept thinking “why don’t restaurants serve these where I live?!”. My favorite restaurant in San Clemente was called Active Culture. It’s a natural foods cafe that also has self-serve frozen yogurt ;)

The cafes were impressive too! I love quality espresso. The cafe I liked the most also happened to have the friendliest employees. I loved saying hi to them every morning! It was the Bear Coast Coffee cafe in the front of The Cellar restaurant.

Checking out the Oakley Lowers Pro competition was exciting because it was my first time to a surf event. It was pretty awesome to see how much infrastructure was set up on the beach. Lots of food, lots of drinks, and lots of big screens to watch the surfers! Oakley happened to throw a fun party for the event while I was there and I ended up with a lot of silly photo booth pictures : P

One of the coolest parts of the whole trip was visiting Oakley Headquarters. The building seriously looks like something out of a science fiction movie. I thought there might be aliens when we walked in the front entrance. I got a tour of the building (which I highly recommend, if you’re ever in the area) and got to bug some friends at their desks :)

Though this was obviously a work trip and I didn’t get the chance to partake in active outings everyday, I can’t wait to make another visit to San Clemente to surf, run in the sun, do some yoga, SUP, hike, and anything else this sunny little dream town offers!

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