Summer Solstice Weekend in Tahoe

A quick photo recap of my weekend in Tahoe! Just a three hour drive from San Francisco, Lake Tahoe area is an amazing get-away into the Sierra Nevada mountains. There are so many free places to camp and so many things to do that the drive is always worth it! This time we camped up on the hill near Boca Reservoir, which is about 15 minutes out of Truckee. A good spot for a big group of people and cars.

We had a few people with us who had never been to Tahoe, so our first stop after the drive up was to show them the abandoned train tunnels…which I probably shouldn’t name in specific since there is a chance it might be private property…woops! But I tried the long exposure feature on my GoPro and got this neat photo! These tunnels are pretty exciting because it gets pitch black and really cold when you’re at the half-way point. If someone is walking towards you from the other end, you can’t see them until they’re five feet in front of you!

Part of the reason we camped out at Boca was because a few of our friends had dirt bikes, and you can ride them on the sand banks around the reservoir. I got to try one for my first time!! I was so nervous but completely addicted by the time I got the hang of it.

GGspeedboatOne of my favorite places to visit while in Tahoe is Speedboat Beach. There are big boulders to climb and lie on in the sun. It was so windy that people were kiteboarding on Lake Tahoe. The wind wasn’t really great for us, since we were planning on SUPing. But we enjoyed the beach and decided to take a detour to Folsom Lake on our drive back down to San Francisco in order to use our brand new Ten Toes Boards. It was the summer solstice sunset and we had to do something special! We ended up watching a beautiful sunset on our SUPS and  paddling in at dusk. Yelped the best taco joint in town and then finished the drive home.

Feel free to ask any questions about visiting Tahoe! Know of any good camp sites in the area?

The swim suit and sunglasses in this post are both Oakley Women :)

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