Lighting Sky Lanterns in Mexico

It was a warm, starry night in Baja California with a gentle breeze. It was my friend Scott’s birthday and we all sat happily around the table on the patio eating birthday cake and drinking champagne. We went around the table sharing affirmations for the person on our right, laughing with love and slight glimmers of happy tears. A call was made to run down to the lawn and a pitter patter of bare feet paraded down the stairs. By the time we all assembled in the dark, the first Chinese sky lantern was being lit – its paper slowly blossoming up and filling with light. One by one we sent the lanterns off with wishes and laughs, hope for the future and full appreciation for the present moment. The coolness of the ocean drew the lanterns out to sea and they drifted into the dark, slowly fading in with the stars.

Photographs by Abe Kislevitz

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