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Happy Feet. Happy Body. Happy Mind. It’s something I never really thought about until this year, when I had to do some serious damage control. At the end of this ski season my feet were rebelling against my body and pleading for attention. I learned that a new pain in my ankle was a result of my arches flattening, which caused something called pronation (when your ankles roll inward towards each other, pressing into the walls of your ski boot). I had such bad bruising on the bone that I winced if anything so much as tapped my ankle.

In hindsight I realized I should have been focusing on injury prevention and doing what most wise athletes do…use an insole! Seriously people. TAKE CARE OF YOUR FEET!!! Preventing injuries is so much better than treating them. Wear insoles!

CurrexSole is the most awarded insole brand in Europe, featuring a dynamic and individual specific fit in line with current footwear technology. The currexSole fitting system is based on foot type, body weight, leg/knee angles, and arch height to ensure that athletes get a proper fit unique to their own measurements.

The main draw to CurrexSole for me is that they make high quality insoles designed for specific purposes. I put the EDGEPRO in my ski boots and hiking boots because it’s specifically designed to make sure your feet feel good during long days skiing, skating, hiking, or golfing. My podiatrist explained to me that, in order to heal my ankle, I need to have arch support specifically for when I “edge” in my ski boots or any shoe with high ankle support (like a burly hiking boot). The arch support prevents the foot from collapsing and causing the ankle to roll into the wall of the shoe.

When I saw an insole called “EDGEPRO” I knew it was the way to go!! It gives your foot back the control and precision that a heavy boot can take away. It’s like tuning your shoe!

I also decided to put insoles in all my running shoes since I run almost every day. CurrexSole makes the RUNPRO insole, which is designed for running, walking, or triathlons. Usually when I run more than 6 miles I start to notice fatigue in my feet and knees. A sort of “pounded” feeling in my joints after the run. But after my first time using the RUNPRO I felt like I could run longer without the impact on my joints. It’s incredible how a simple solution like this made my body feel so much better.

CurrexSole is The Athlete’s Choice. It’s not the arch support that elderly people buy at the drugstore. It’s not a one-size-fits-all arch lift. It’s designed to work with your foot and your sport. CurrexSole describes their insoles as the perfect symbiosis of science and passion. That’s how I’d like to heal and take care of my feet :) With science and passion. 

You can buy them at most REI’s and in lots of local running stores :) Visit here to find a store in your area.

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