The Daypack I’m Seeing Across the Globe

I first started spotting them throughout Southeast Asia. Worn by Europeans and Americans alike, I had never seen these trendy, functional little Fjallraven daypacks before! I saw pink ones and grey ones and black ones and blue ones. All could be worn as a backpack or carried as a tote. Then I went to Europe…and they were everywhere! I finally looked up the brand and realized that it was a Norwegian outdoor apparel brand. The daypack is called “the Kanken” and it’s reasonably priced. I happened to be on a trip in Norway the next week and made a point of checking out the Fjallraven store in Oslo!! I was so excited!

When I walked inside there was, indeed, an array of backpacks in ever color of the rainbow. I decided to give myself a little memento from the trip and purchased one in a crisp neutral grey. Now that I’m back in the United States I’m spotting more and more around San Francisco. There’s something just so inviting about these backpacks. Style and function at it’s best! Thanks Fjallraven!

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