Chairlift Performance by Christine Donaldson

This is what you get when you give a bunch of goofballs some instruments and put them on a chairlift! Really though…this might be one of the silliest things I’ve ever done. And I learned a great lesson from it!

I’ve been releasing pretty serious music videos for a couple years now. This was the first comical and careless display of silliness that I’ve ever recorded, and OF COURSE it’s the one that goes and wins me a contest. I entered it for the GoPro Music One & Done contest and now over 80k people have watched it. It goes to show that the power of a “good time” is contageous and I probably shouldn’t take my ¬†craft so seriously. Might as well have fun, right?!

So here is the song I wrote in 20 minutes while the boys played a drinking game. And here is my guitar debut on skis! Cheers to the bonding of my two greatest passions; music and skiing. I wish you could have seen the parade of skiers following us down the slopes as we attempted to perform our song while sliding down the mountain!

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