Two Days in Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and a hub for traveling in Southeast Asia! The vibrant culture and impressive historical sites make it an enchanting place to visit, despite it’s infamous night life and grungy backpacker scene. Even if you are not a city person, you should take some time to explore. I only spent two days here but loved every second of it!

Where to Stay:

Udee Bangkok was our favorite hostel. The TripAdvisor Reviews were right! Everyone loves it. It was super safe, was walking distance from public transport, and the rooms were fantastic.

Things to Do:

Shop the Chatuchack Weekend Market 

This is the largest market in Thailand with over 8000 stalls. THIS is where you should do all your shopping at the end of a trip in Southeast Asia. It’s a bit overwhelming at first, but once you get a map and orient yourself, it’s so much fun! The perfect place for buying gifts and trying new foods.

Visit the famous temples: 

We had a very short time in Bangkok but we made sure to visit some of the most legendary temples! It was a really important part of the experience. It was the first time I had seen any sort of Buddhist ceremonies and practices and it was very eye-opening to see how a foreign culture prays and practices in religious spaces. I was so happy we took the time to visit these places:

  • Emerald Buddha at the Grand Palace (Wat Phra Kaew)
  • Reclined Buddha at Wat Pho
  • Golden Buddha at Wat Traimit

See the famous (or infamous) Khao San Road

This is a fun place to visit during the day for shopping and food. However, I’ve heard that at night time it transforms into a rather vulgar party scene. I loved it in the late morning though! Great Thai pants and accessories are sold from vendors all along the street.

Get Overwhelmed at a Mall 

We took a quick trip to the MBK Mall in Bangkok because we had been advised to “get overwhelmed and experience” it. Even though we were warned, we were not mentally prepared for the overwhelmingness of this mall!!! There was nothing we wanted to buy (we were looking for traditional thai items) but if we had money for discounted high-end electronics, this would have been the jack pot! We were amused with all the random spas and services offered in the mall as well – like a “Gold Facial” store that looked like a surgical room.

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