How to Pack for a Weekend Ski Trip 

This is a very unglamorous post on how to pack for a weekend ski trip, assuming that you’re driving! I’m giving you a realistic method with photos from my trip from San Francisco to Tahoe last weekend. Nothing is staged or organized neatly for the camera…it’s just real life functionality.

Ski Racks:
First things first! Ski racks are a must. If you make a few ski trips a year with your car, it’s worth buying the racks. The only reason you’d put your skis inside is if you’re driving alone and want your car to be more aerodynamic, or if it’s stormy out and the salt from roads could rust your skis out.

What to Bring:
You’ll thank yourself for packing light. Weekend ski trips are non-stop quests for fun and having less will simplify everything. Have your “go-to’s” for the season so that you never have to fuss while you’re in the moment. Here’s what I bring:

Small Duffle: 
1 casual/cute outfit that I can wear around town. (I’ll be wearing a casual comfy outfit for driving/hanging-out).
1 pair base layers & ski socks
1 Set Snow Outerwear
Bathing Suit
Socks & Undies
Toiletries or Makeup

Avy Backpack: (All your ski accessories, so that you can just grab the whole backpack if needed).
Beacon, shovel, probe
Goggles & Sunglasses
GoPro & accessories
Fresh batteries for Beacon
Water bladder
Helmet/Hat strapped on outside
Laptop if I need it for the weekend

Cooler: Bring healthy food options with you to cook at home. It will save you money and you won’t have to stop anywhere after a long drive.

Sleeping Bag (optional): I bring a sleeping bag because I belong to a ski lease for the winter season and we just bring sleeping bags and sleep on top of the bedding to save time and energy. Using a stuff-sack might be better sometimes, but I often keep mine in it’s cotton storage bag for long drives because it doubles as a big fluffy pillow :)

Warm Parka: Never pack this away! Always leave your warm jacket somewhere accessible in the car while driving to & from the mountains. I just throw mine on top of what I’ve packed. (See below). 


Ski Boots: Some people use boot bags but you can save more space in your car if you just place them wherever there’s space left.

Poles: Fold a small seat down and lay them flat, or with the seat up, cross them horizontally above the bags in the trunk.

Share your packing tactics in the comments below!




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