10 Reasons Why You Should Ski With The One You Love

1. You can sing songs out loud together on chairlifts. (no judgement)


 2. You can hug while moving down a mountain.


3. You can make sure that neither of you ever have a Gaper Gap. (especially for GoPro selfies). skeflie
4. You can impress each other by doing amazing things on skis…but mostly just really silly things…skikids
5. You know it’s true love when you feel sexy in Long-Johns together! (photo really not necessary…lol)
6. They will always wake up early with you on a powder day.
7. You will always encourage each other to ski harder…(aka talk you into hucking a cliff when you’re scared)cliffjump
8. It’s one of the rare places to see each other turn into gleeful child-like spirits.snowsky
9. Or if you have children, you can bundle them up and have the cutest ski babies on the mountain.skibaby
10. Lastly, and most important: you’ll always have someone to massage you when your muscles are sore. ; )

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