Vasque Grand Traverse

vasquefeatureI needed a lightweight backpacking shoe for my trip to the Grand Canyon and these were the ones I chose! Vasque has been making performance hiking and trail running shoes for over fifty years. But their history reaches back half a century to the tradition of handmade mountain boots inspired by the Alps. So they know what’s up! On my trip to the Grand Canyon I had a very light pack, so I didn’t need a traditional backpacking boot with ankle support. But I wasn’t about to just throw on my running shoes. I needed a high quality crossover with stability and great traction underfoot for wet weather. The Grand Traverse fit the bill! My feet didn’t get wet in any of the rain or puddles I was hiking in, and most importantly, the shoes never slid on dry or wet dirt. The traction was amazing. I ran with them for two weeks before the trip to break them in. The toe-box was wide and super comfy in this model. They are great trail-running shoes! For some reason it just felt like these shoes were molded for my feet. I highly recommend the Grand Traverse, and I will definitely be choosing from Vasque the next time I’m in the market for hiking shoes!


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