Smith Maze Helmet Review


I’ll be real honest…I first bought the Smith Maze helmet when I was 19 because it had a magnetic pom pom you could stick to the top of it. I walked into Kittredge sports at Mammoth Mountain to see if they had it, and from across the room I saw the pom pom beckoning me closer! It wasn’t until I picked up the helmet and tried it on that I learned it was the world’s lightest certified snow helmet. I’ve now owned a Smith Maze helmet ever since I bought that first one when I was 19…but for many more reasons than just the pom pom. (see below)GGwhistlersmith

The clean, modern, minimalist design of the helmet is why I like it so much. The shape integrates well with most goggles (I’ve worn lots of Smith and Oakley goggles with it) and the extremely light weight prevents your head or neck from getting sore if you’re wearing it all day every day! The Maze comes with an inner velcro padding insert that you can choose to leave in for a comfy fit on your head, or remove if you like to wear a beanie underneath your helmet like I do (so no one will ever see my helmet hair!). You also have the option of snapping off the ear pads. It has every sport-tech feature that a gear-head would want (9 vents, a removable helmet lock, an available audio system) but the sleekness of a fashion-forward freestyle inspired look.smithmazeskiing

There are three more reasons why I love this helmet!

  • It’s a certified helmet (aka brain bucket) so you know your little noggin will be safely protected if you fall.
  • All the friends I ski with have the same helmet! We all love it!
  • The most frequent question asked on my Instagram is what brand/model my helmet is. And here you have it! The Smith Maze.

Tell me what helmet you wear or ask any questions in the comments below! ggsmithfriendssnowGGsmithfriendsliftGGsmithsmile

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