Slacker Hill: The Best View of the Bay Area


This might be the best kept secret in the Bay Area. Slacker Hill is a special spot because, while teams of tourists are flocking to Battery Spencer off Conzelman Road for a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, you can peak down on them from a wide open ridge with even better views. In fact, it’s almost rare to see another soul on Slacker Hill at the same time you’re there. Here’s the catch! It requires a hike up a steep hill. Here’s the other catch! It’s only about a mile.

I took my family here for a sunrise hike a couple days after Christmas. I checked the weather to make sure there would be no excessive fog and wind, and lucky us, it was going to be completely clear! I use to come here as a teenager but had never seen it at sunrise. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was! Dawn began with pink and purple skies. The sun rose dramatically from behind the San Francisco skyline, flooding rays of light between the tall buildings. The sky went from red to orange to yellow and I could feel the temperature rise within minutes. If you ever travel to Marin County, Slacker Hill is a unique and serene destination without the crowds. See for yourself in the photos below!

I’d love to hear what your favorite spots to watch the sunrise are in the comments section below :)







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