Oakley Women Ringer


This is a tribute to the Oakley Women Ringer :) These snazzy shades have been featured in most of my travels over the past few months! I’ve never had a pair of sunglasses that I love this much. A ton of people have been asking about them on my Instagram account so I decided it was finally time to give all the details! The description on Oakley’s website is spot on!

“Throwback Thursdays? Let’s try throwback every day with Oakley Ringer, our homage to the 1980s. With the kind of styling that pops up at music festivals, these sunglasses have a quiet coolness. We’ve updated them with an angled metal accent that makes them thoroughly now.”

The best thing about these sunglasses is that, while they look like a high-end designer product, they are not fragile at all. In fact, they are extremely durable, lightweight, and do not fall off your head. Oakley makes lenses that do not scratch easily because they know active women are usually throwing their shades into their purse throughout the day. The Oakley Ringer is like a cross-breed between sport oriented eyewear and high fashion! I love the “blue mosaic” color option because it looks black from far away but actually has a subtle pop of blue. The lenses are slightly transparent, which normally I’d avoid (I like black lenses). But the style of this frame is already so bold that I prefer the soft view of shaded eyes through the lenses. Here are some of my favorite photos featuring the Oakley Ringer!

Oakley Women’s Ringer Polarized Oval Sunglasses, Black Mosaic, 54 mm



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