Leg Strengthening Workout


I learned this routine from a trainer last year who told me to workout my legs 3 times a week. After using this workout on a regular basis, I started noticing muscles in my legs that I had never seen before. I also felt much stronger while running and skiing. There was more power behind my movements. I recommend this for any motivated athlete who is cross-training for their sport. You can use this routine while traveling because it doesn’t require equipment, but also add weights at the gym to make it more challenging.

30 Jump Squats
30 Reverse Lunges*
30 Squats*
30 Mountain Climbers
30 Fire Hydrants (15 each leg)
30 One-leg Bridges (15 each leg)
30 Glute Kickbacks* (tuck dumbbell behind knee)
15 sec Superman

Repeat 3 Times (* weights optional)



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