Heard Museum: American Indian Art & History in Phoenix, Arizona

featurenativeLet me start this off by saying that I’m usually a museum speed-walker. I love history but there’s something about meandering through a building that makes me want to get outside even more than usual. Nonetheless, I was exploring Phoenix, Arizona after my trip to the Grand Canyon and a friend took me to the Heard Museum of American Indian Art & History. I could have spent all day in there! I was so inspired by the cultures that inhabited the United States long before we did..the amazing ceremonies that honored the powers of nature…the powerful designs in the weavings, jewelry, pottery – all crafted with so much intent. I loved imagining a time when every community deeply honored earth’s gifts, and people danced and sang stories of the world. When parents passed a skill along to their children to preserve a heritage and honor their ancestors. This museum will seriously make you want to give thanks to every opportunity that nature provides you and go pour your soul into your strongest creative outlet. If you ever go to Phoenix, don’t pass up this amazing place!

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