Gifts for Surfers


I’m all about functional gifts. Especially ones that people use every day to have fun. A couple years ago I got my boyfriend a huge bundle of surf things for his birthday and, to this day, he still uses everything I got him on a regular basis (and even continues to thank me!). Give the gifts that keep on givin’! Here are some ideas for gifts that surfers would use and enjoy.

1. Changing Towel Poncho

2. Change Mat/Wet Bag

3. Surf Watch

4. GoPro

5. Wetsuit Hanger/Dryer

6. Rash Guard (hers)

7. Surfer Girl Shorts

8. Rash Guard (his)

9. Board Shorts

10. Board Wax

11. Fleece-lined Flannel Shirt

12. St. Christopher Necklace

13. 6 Pack Cooler

14. Wave Ring

15. Tide Clock

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