Gifts for Runners


Gifts pertaining to running are a great idea for most athletic types! Most active people I know go on runs and enjoy the benefits of high quality gear, whether it’s a great pair of running shoes or a simple headband to keep his/her ears warm in the winter. Here are some easy gift ideas if you are not sure which items or brands are great for runners!

  • Running Shoes:
    • Road
    • Trail
  • Running tops:
    • Tank
    • Tee-shirt
    • Long-sleeve
  • Running bottoms:
    • Spandex shorts
    • Running shorts
    • Capris & Tights
  • Running jacket:
    • Lightweight windbreaker
    • Warm zip-up.
  • Supplements:
    • Hydration and Recovery powders, or Energy chews/gels
  • Comfy running socks
  • Running cap, warm headband, and hair ties
  • Sunglasses

What’s your favorite running gear? Comment below!


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