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A year ago I started to incorporate protein supplements in my diet to help recover faster after long workouts. I was training for a half marathon and, on top of being worked by long runs, I was ceaselessly hungry. I experimented with a few different brands that tasted awful. I was definitely feeling stronger during my recovery workouts, but I wanted to find an option that tasted better. I recently received a shipment of Designer Whey Protein with a wonderful line of products and a great taste. Here’s a list of what I got and why I like it!

Designer Whey Protein Powder:

This is the product that I use the most. After workouts I’ll mix this with almond milk and ice in a blender for a refreshing protein shake. I put it into smoothies to add a bit more fuel for my body. I’ve also been mixing the protein powder into healthy pancakes in the morning made from eggs and banana! Here’s the recipe:

1 (very) mashed banana
2 eggs
pinch of cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
blend together in a blender, and cook 6 small pancakes!
For extra goodness, smear with almond butter :)

Designer Whey Protein 2Go Packets: 

These are so perfect for traveling. I’m a big fan of “Emergen-C” packets, so when I saw these I knew I would like them. I always squeeze in workouts while traveling but I obviously can’t mix up a smoothie in a hotel room. These protein packets are so easy – just add to water. I love that they include electrolytes and antioxidants for your health and recovery.

Designer Whey Protein Snack Bars:

These are decadent and delicious! I take these with me in my purse or backpack if I know I’m going to get hungry between meals. But lately I’ve been having one once or twice a week if I have a sweet tooth after dinner…yum!



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