10 Tips for the Perfect Road Trip

1. Check Out The Route

Read up on your route before you start the car! This will save you the panic from losing phone service or having a less-then-helpful navigator (I know we’ve all been there!). It will also ensure that you never drive while looking at your phone!

2. Pack Healthy Snacks

Packing healthy snacks helps save money and lessens the chances of you eating fast food! Food stops generally add a lot of time to the trip, so you will cover ground much faster with prepared snacks.

3. Consider Car Racks for Gear

Gear racks for your car are just the best invention ever. You will fit way more people and luggage in your car if you have ’em! I have a combination of ski racks and bike racks on my car.

4. Always Carry Emergency Items

There are some items you should always have in your car in case of a accident or emergency, especially if you’re driving through snowy areas. If it’s icy and your car slides off the road, remember that it’s usually not safe to start a car after a crash- even just to use the heater. To be best prepared, make sure you have:

Pen & Paper
Extra Water Bottles
Sleeping Bag (for warmth)
Protein bar or snack
Spare tire
First Aid Kit

5. Keep Cameras Accessible

I can’t tell you the number of times a beautiful scene arises unexpectedly on a road trip and my friends have had to dig into the depths of the trunk to find a camera. I’ve learned my lesson! Keep cameras handy!

6. Make A Great Playlist

Make a playlist or choose a great Spotify channel so that you can put down your phone and enjoy the views with a soundtrack. Think about what the other passengers might want to hear. If your ears get exhausted from music, switch to a podcast. My latest favorite road trip podcast is called Serial.

7. Car Games

You know…those goofy past-times you had as a kid between wondering “ARE WE THERE YET” :) I like word games like Ghost.

8. Clothes for Temperature Changes

Many road trips will take you somewhere with warm weather to cold weather (like driving to the mountains) or vise versa, so have your extra layers handy. It’s never fun to unload the car while you’re freezing!

9. Friends

The key ingredient for a fun trip. Choose wisely!

10. Positivity

If you get stuck in traffic, or if something doesn’t go as planned…remember that your adventure starts when you hop in the car. Don’t let the car ride bum you out!


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