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The first storms of the season are rolling in and ski resorts are opening across the country! “Opening Weekend” is a celebrated time for all ski towns. Shred enthusiasts flock from all-over to rejoice in the collective stoke that surrounds this seasonal sport, even if only one run is open. It’s also a time where we can break out all our favorite snow gear and geek-out on the technical items that make our extreme sport endeavors all the more rewarding.

This weekend I went to Mammoth Mountain opening weekend and had an amazing time filled with speed laps on the snow, friends who shred, hot springs, a meteor shower, and the gear (old & new) to get me through each activity. When I look back at all of the fun activities, I include “packing” as part of the experience. So I want to share some of my favorite gear that I brought with me to Mammoth Opening Weekend.

  1. Armada Women’s ARW: This is a twin-tip ski that I fell in love with last year. It’s long and narrow underfoot, so it’s super fun for park skiing and bombing down groomers.
  2. Nordica Ace of Spade Ski Boots: This are the comfiest ski boots I have ever owned. There’s something about the inside cushioning in Nordica boots that is hard to beat. I usually pack out alpine boots really fast, but these have lasted me longer than most! Nordica now has an “Ace” collection.
  3. Smith Maze Helmet: You should always wear a helmet. This model fits well with most goggle and is very light-weight.
  4. PolarPro GoPro Accessories: These filters are super fun & easy to use and really extended the functionality of my GoPro. I love the handle pole that has a battery inside of it in case you need to charge your camera.
  5. GoPro Hero4 Silver: The best way to capture your adventures :) And the easiest camera to store in your pockets.
  6. Munk Pack Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze: This is the perfect snack to fuel your adventures. I eat them for breakfast on the chairlift.
  7. Oakley Women Drop-In Sunglasses: These are really stylish and sporty frames that look great paired with a snapback or beanie!
  8. Oakley Snowmad Glove: I love high-quality leather gloves and the black and white design goes with everything.
  9. Cushe Boho Chill WP: I’ve only had these for a few weeks but I wear them almost every day. The entire soul of the shoe is made from a “cush” and springy foam-like material so they feel amazing on your feet after skiing!
  10. Oakley Flight Deck Goggle: This is Oakley’s most recent goggle release! I love the frameless style, and chose to use their new Prizm lens.
  11. Vasque Grand Traverse: Extremely durable with great tread, but flexible enough to let you run comfortably.
  12. Snowmad Ski Socks: Oakley socks are unbeatable. My boyfriend steals mine, even if they’re pink. The same goes for ski socks. If you need to, you can wear them several days in a row and they’ll still feel fresh.
  13. Oakley Women Juliett Down Jacket: This down jacket is the perfect long fit and the most beautiful color. I throw it on after skiing and stay warm all evening.
  14. 4FRNT Ski Poles: 4FRNT makes great, sturdy poles. I’m partial to these ones because my boyfriend designed them!

Let me know what your top gear choices are, or ask any questions in the comments section below!

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