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I am so goshdarn excited about these wonderful items that I’m showing them to you before I even use them! Right after I took this photo I unpackaged everything and packed it neatly in my bag for my ski trip to Mammoth Mountain this weekend. Polar Pro Filters makes premium accessories for GoPro cameras. This is the first pole mount that I’ve ever owned, and the first filters for a GoPro that I’ve ever seen! I cannot wait to play around with them!! Here is a list of the items shown:

I can already think of so many ways this is going to improve my photos. Any time I take out my iPhone to snap photos of scenery (which is very frequent), I can just mount my GoPro on the Proview iPhone case and get even better shots of me and my friends! The Polarizer filter is going to really improve the photos I take mid-day on the snow when the sun is really high (the filter will deepen the colors and create more contrast). I haven’t tried it yet, but I hear there are ways to create cool blurs in action shots when you use a Neutral Density filter on a GoPro. And normally I wouldn’t use my GoPro for close-up shots (the lens is so wide-angle) but the Macro filter is going to allow me to get much higher quality photos off my GoPro for moments when I’d normally switch to my iPhone. Lastly, the Power Pole is going to be prime for trips in the backcountry when batteries die and you need to charge a camera!

Keep an eye out on my personal instagram feed for all the GoPro photos I’ll be taking with these rad little guys!

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