Munk Pack


I’ve been noticing a sudden rise in liquid snack packs and I was really curious what all the hype is about! I’ve seen several different brands offering different mixes of fruit, seeds, or oats. Last week I received a shipment of Munk Pack squeezes and finally got to try one of these snack packs for the first time! Munk Pack is a an oatmeal fruit squeeze that tastes delicious and is easy to take on-the-go. The ingredients contain whole grain rolled oats, flax, and fruit, so it’s a good source of fiber and sustains your energy through the day. There is a great selection of flavors, including apple quinoa cinnamon, blueberry acai flax, and raspberry coconut. I took them with me on a ski trip to Mammoth Mountain and discovered how convenient and appealing they are, especially when you’re racing from activity to activity. One day I had a Munk Pack for breakfast on the chairlift (when everyone else skipped breakfast – I had healthy oats and fruit!). Another day I had one at the hot springs after a full day of skiing. My friends also had some when we got hungry on the long road trip but didn’t want to eat gas station food. I was surprised that they actually kept me full and it was awesome having a convenient snack that was also so healthy. The pouch is great because you can put the cap back on and there’s no sticky wrapper to deal with! Check out these photos of Munk Pack on my trip :) munkpackgroup


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