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coolaheaderI have an obsession, guys. I can’t get enough of Coola! I used to wear sunscreen frequently, but now I wear it every single day. Because I love love love Coola Suncare products. It’s just simply superior to every other sunscreen I’ve ever used. The first Coola product I ever tried was the Sport spf30 Spray (Pina Colada Scented) and, when I ran out, I was devastated. So I ordered another one of those and tried the spf 30 mineral face sunscreen and started wearing it daily. Then, I recently received this new package of Coola products at a Tone It UP fitness event. Now I consider myself a fanatic. You think it’s weird that I’m this enthusiastic about a sunscreen?! Try something from this list of my favorite products and you will join me in my obsession. Trust me.

  • Liplux spf 15 Peppermint Vanilla: This is my favorite favorite favorite. If Coola only made this chapstick, I would still rave about the brand. On outdoor adventures I literally force my friends to try it so that they know how amazing it is. They all agree with me. It’s a winner.
  • Mineral Face spf30 Cucumber Matte Finish: This is mineral sunscreen that shields and nourishes your skin, and makes it feel extra smooth. I wear it every day. Some of the ingredients include organic Shea Butter, Rose Hip Oil, Vitamin C, organic calming Evening Primrose, and Flax Seed Oils that deliver Omega-3 and Gamma-Linolenic Acid to improve elasticity and help skin retain moisture.
  • Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion: I’ve been using this religiously after every day I spend in the sun. It’s an ultra-moisturizing and deep-southing lotion that recovers your skin from the elements.
  • Sport spf50 Fresh Mango Classic Sunscreen: For active, long days in the sun. It’s 80 min water resistant, mango scented, and contains 70% certified organic ingredients that protect and repair sun damaged skin.


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