10 Ways to Prep for the Ski Season!


Winter is here and there are so many factors to think about! Here is a simple list of 10 ways to get ready for the ski season so that all you have to worry about is having fun! ; )

1. Buy your ski resort pass before prices go up, or buy lift tickets at discounted rates & packages ahead of time on sites like liftopia.

2. If you need to upgrade any gear, ask your friends what they’re selling or peruse websites like craigslist and ebay so that you don’t have to buy anything at retail price.

3. Tune your skis and fix any core shots! If you ski with a core shot, moisture might seep into your skis and ruin them. A quick tune will help your skis perform at their best and will make you faster!

4. Keep your cardio up and start increasing your leg strengthening workouts to three times a week. This will prevent your legs from getting sore and also play a role in preventing injuries!

5. Wash your outerwear from last season and restore any water resistant properties on the fabric. Read more about how to do that here.

6. Make sure your car is ready for snow! Change the windshield wipers and refill the antifreeze. Make sure you have M&S tires or pack the tire chains in your trunk.

7. Stock up on your favorite sunscreens & chapsticks where you know they are affordable and protect your skin on the mountain. Put one in your car, one in your bag, backpack, etc. Check out my favorite suncare products here.

8. Keep a supply of healthy snacks in your car (if you know bears won’t go after them). This will keep everyone happy on road trips to the mountain or help hold you over if you don’t want to eat the greasy food in the lodges.

9. Choose 3 “go-to” layer combinations for varying weather. This will help you pack light.

10. If you don’t have them yet, put ski racks on your car. That way you never have to put seats down and can fit more friends in for adventures :) I have this one on my car.

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