Sea Trek Kayak & SUP in Saualito, CA


The Sea Trek Ocean Kayak & SUP center is located in Sausalito, CA just a quick trip over the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. On the edge of a tiny sandy-beach cove (Schoonmaker Marina), Sea Trek has a great selection of SUP boards for every skill level, and they also offer classes if you feel you need them. The best part about this SUP location is that it’s in a little protected bay. If there’s no fog or wind when you go, its usually pretty warm and the water is gentle! I’ve been going frequently over the summer and it’s usually around 70 degrees. It’s one of the only water sport activities in San Fran that doesn’t require a thick wetsuit. The bay is shallow so the water is much warmer than the ocean. I’ve always been shocked that more people from SF don’t utilize Sea Trek because it’s only a 4 minute drive from the Marina or Presidio neighborhoods of the city.

There is an interesting little boat village you can go explore if you paddle out to Tiburon Point, and the views of the San Francisco skyline and Golden Gate Bridge are amazing on a clear day. The houseboats in Sausalito (if you paddle North) are really interesting if you’ve never seen ones before. You are also guaranteed to see some curious seals poking their heads up at you during your paddle. Another fun part about Schoonmaker Marina is that lots of amazing yachts park temporarily here to spend a day or two in Sausalito. You might witness some amazing boats or get invited to join for hors d’oeuvres if you’re paddling by with a group of ladies :)



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