Oakley Women Fall 2014 Swag Bag


I am confidently announcing that this season’s line of Oakley Women active wear is by far the best fitness gear that I have ever owned. I am so excited to wear it through winter! New gear always motivates me to squeeze in more workouts. As an Oakley Ambassador I have the fortune of testing the new product when it is released, and I have seen my fair share of product development and improvement. My favorite thing about the Fall 2014 Oakley Women line is the fabric used for each respective piece.

The Night Nova Capris have that perfect soft-stretch feel but the fabric still contains a quality thickness. The Strappy Strength Bra has an adorable criss-cross back, a very supportive fit, and really really soft wicking fabric. The Stride SS Tech Tee  is by far my most favorite Oakley piece at the moment. It has a flattering long fit, incredibly soft material with venting on the back, and a little zip pocket that comes in handy every time! I am also really excited about the Restore Fleece Pant  because I usually wear yoga pants and I’m happy about making the transition to some loose, fleecy-warm, sweats for Apres-Ski relaxing.

Of the sunglasses I received, my favorite is the new Oakley Ringer. It takes the place of all my previous favorites and I think I might wear them every single day :)

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