Muk Luks: Warm In Winter


My favorite slipper brand is releasing a winter shoe collection! I grew up in a Norwegian style home where there was always a big basket of slippers at the entrance of our house. Anyone could grab some comfy hut shoes or sweater boots and instantly feel at-home. My love of cozy, warm things inevitably guided me to Muk Luks which, if you aren’t familiar with, are the comfiest & most beautiful slippers I have yet to experience. That’s why I was all smiles when I received samples of their new winter shoe & accessory line! They were the perfect items to accompany me on my recent trip to Aspen, where the evenings were very cold and we wanted to stay outdoors.

I expected the shoes to be more like slipper boots…more substantial soles than your average slipper but not exactly what you’d wear outside in cold weather. But when I got my first look at the shoes I realized that they are sturdy-soled, cold-weather snow boots! There is some sort of insulation in the Angel Boot and Gwen Short Boot that I have never experienced before…it felt like there were heaters in my shoes! One of my favorite signature features in Muk Luks slippers is the soft fleece fur on the inside, and I was excited to discover that same material on the inside of all the scarves, mittens, and even the  Malena sweater boots. I cannot wait to wear these all winter – they are the perfect functional-yet-fashionable boots for snow! If you have Muk Luks let me know what your faves are in the comment box below!

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