The Gear Gal’s Style Guide: Fall ’14 Tech Outerwear


The winter season is nearing and the shred stoke is growing! There’s a lot of preparation involved for the ski season and so much to think about! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran on the slopes or you take a ski trip once a year, we all ask ourselves the same question: what will I be wearing on the snow this year? Your outerwear kit defines your style, shares what kind of skier you are, and it’s also how your friends or family recognize you on the mountain! I’m an avid gear-tester and I love to nerd out on the technical features of outerwear (so stay tuned for posts that dive into those aspects of the gear) but for this post I want to focus on the question that I get asked the most:

How do I choose a style of outerwear that works for me? In the past few years, companies have made drastic improvements to women’s outerwear so that functional gear can also be stylish. And as snow sports progress, there are a growing number of niche communities that bring even more defined styles into the mix. I’ve put together a few categories of women’s tech outerwear that cover a general variety of looks. These are all pieces that I personally liked, but I tried to include looks for everyone. Which outfits do you like best, and why? Comment below!

The Steez Team

For girls who ski on twin-tips, shred park, can tear-up the whole mountain, and generally want to look as badass as possible.


Outfits from Left to Right: 1. Oakley Alfa Biozone Pullover Jacket & Foxtrot Soft Shell Pant 2. Nikita Mayon Jacket & Pilatus Pant 3. Armada Gypsum Jacket & Forage Pant 4. Cappel Road to Ruin Jacket & Take Over Pant 5. B by Burton Reese Parka & Gloria Snowboard Pant 

The Snow Bunny

These outerwear selections are more feminine than the freestyle-oriented outfits above, and the parkas are very street-stylish. This look is catered more for skiers who cruise all the mountain groomers and enjoy a good Hot Toddy in the lodge with friends.


From Left to Right: 1. Nike SB Hudson Parka & SB Willowbrook Pant 2. Armada Lynx Insulated Jacket & Jarvis Pant 3. D.C. Nature Snow Jacket &  Ace 15 Snow Pants 4. Nikita Reserve Jacket & Pilatus Pant 5. Volcom Gauge Insulated Jacket & Species Stretch Pant 6. L1ta Fairbanks Jacket &  Heartbreaker Pant

The Queen of Gnarnia

These pieces are more technical and catered toward serious big mountain skiers. The focus is less on street style and more on the high quality materials and functional fits that scream “I ski backcountry!” queenofgnar

1. Trew Gear Stella Jacket & Chariot Bib 2. Armada Smoked Gore-Tex STR 2L Jacket & Vista Gore-Tex STR 2L Pant 3. Oakley Women Echo Gore-Tex Biozone Jacket & Echo Biozone Pants 4. Patagonia Women’s Powslayer Jacket &  Untracked Pants 5. The North Face Women’s Ricas Insulated Jacket & Fuse Brigandine Pants

Not a Grom, Not Yet a Woman

These outfits are the most playful and catered for the teenage demographic, who usually want wild styles and aren’t too interested in anything that looks “refined”. This includes surf/board brands like Roxy, Volcom, Billabong etc that tend to make clothing for Juniors. teen-snower

1. Volcom Billie Jacket & Species Stretch Pant 2. Billabong Z74 Jacket & Lolly Pant 3. Nikita Creekside Jacket & Penrose Pants 4. CLWR Mellon Jacket & Stencil Pant 5. Roxy Parima Jacket & Nadia Pant





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