Etsy Favorites: Mountain Theme

When the mountains are an important part of your life, it’s nice to bring them with you wherever you go. Having a little mountain momento in your home, office, or even on your jewelry is a great way to keep outdoor stoke running high in even the most mundane moments of your life. Here are a bunch of mountain themed items on that I love! I’m definitely buying some as gifts this year!

1. LittleAlexander Mountain Notebook 2. Mountain Mac Decal by Fishdecal 3. Mountain iPhone Case by EmaleyAccessories 4. Alps Mountain Map Wrapping Paper by NormansPrintery 5. Retro Travel Poster by EmuDesigns 6. Custom Mtn Range Ring by BentMLJewelry and Mountain Ring by PaulaBuilt 7. Mt. Rainier Wool Cushion by ThreeBadSeeds 8. Illustrated Wood Sign by AlpineGraphics

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