Epic Bar: Hunter & Gatherer

epicbar1EPIC bar is changing the game when it comes to sports nutrition. Founded on the incentive to create a whole food snack that is low in sugar and high in protein, EPIC bar now offers an assortment of snacks that replace the sugar-filled, highly processed energy bars that dominate the market. Their original product is a nutrient-dense animal based protein bar with flavors like “Bison, Bacon & Cranberry” or “Beef, Habanero & Cherry.” Recently, however, EPIC bar released what is currently my all-time favorite snack when I travel or need nutrition on outdoor missions. This is the “Hunter & Gatherer” pack that offers a portion of beef jerky, as well as a portion of mixed nuts. Right now my favorite flavor is the “Beef Jerky & Mountain Medley.” It keeps me full and is so incredibly healthy. The majority of sports protein bars out there right now are completely indigestible – you don’t know what’s in them and they make you feel like there’s a rock sitting in your stomach. But with the Hunter & Gatherer packs I know that the ingredients are real food. EPIC bar has an admirable mission, a healthy product, and I’m also in love with the design and styling of everything they make. Even the hat that came with my sample package is now my new favorite snapback! Thanks, EPIC bar! I’m such a fan!


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