Devil’s Slide on Hwy 1


Just south of San Francisco there is a section of Highway 1 called Devil’s Slide that, up until this year, was the only stretch of road along the coast despite constant landslides and death-defying narrow lanes on vertigo-inducing cliffs. For as many years as I can remember there was a tunnel being built so that this dangerous stretch of road could be closed. I always imagined how cool it would be if they turned Devil’s Slide into a hike/bike trail…and it was like they read my mind! As soon as the tunnel was opened this year, Devil’s Slide was transformed into San Francisco’s coolest new coastal outlook! The new multi-use trail is only 1.3 miles with lots of overlooks and benches. It’s perfect for a hike pit-stop coming to & from other activities on Hwy 1, or a great place to take tourists & elders. The road is mostly flat with a long, gentle incline (so if you have a longboard, this might be the coolest road you could skate in California).

What’s even more awesome is that an amazing historic WWII bunker, which used to be inaccessible off of the narrow highway, is now a short walk from the new Devil’s Slide parking lot! Every time us San Franciscans used to drive on the old Hwy 1 this bunker was so alluring and mysterious! But I finally got to explore it for my first time this weekend!

This outing would make a perfect day trip in combination with a visit to Montara Beach because they are right next to each other (Check out my post for Montara State Beach).

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