What’s New with the GoPro Hero4?


GoPro just announced the launch of their most advanced camera yet – the GoPro Hero4. Expected to hit the market on October 5th, there are a number of improvements we can be sure to expect. Similar to last year, GoPro will be releasing an upscale Hero4 Black edition, as well as a slightly less expensive Hero4 Silver. Here is a simple list of the new features in each camera!

Hero4 Black: 

  • The processor is twice as powerful and the frame rates are twice as fast as the best-selling Hero3+ predecessor.
  • High resolution of 4k30, 2.7k50, and 1080p120 video allow for cinema quality filming for the first time ever in a camera this size.
  • Captures 12mp photos at speeds up to 30fps. This allows for extremely sharp images and less blurring.
  • Protune is now available for photos! This will improve color, sharpness, and exposure!
  • Powerful new audio system that allows for nearly 2 times the dynamic range as the previous camera.
  • Night Photo and Night Lapse photo modes allow for long-exposure night time shots where you can see the stars!
  • The GoPro App has been updated and you can now share photos directly from the app via text or email.
  • Highlight Tag is a new feature that allows you to mark an important shot and find it easily when locating video clips.
  • Super View is a new mode that allows for a greater wide-angle view that captures more of you and your surroundings if you’re holding the camera.
  • Auto Lowlight allows the camera to adjust between bright and dark environments so that you don’t have to manually change modes.

Hero4 Silver

  • First-ever GoPro to feature an integrated touch display! You can preview/playback your photos & video with it, or use it to frame your shot. You can also adjust your settings using the display as well.
  • Better image quality than the Hero3+ black edition!
  • Video quality of 1080p60 and 720p120. (The silver edition does not film in 4k).
  • Captures 12mp photos at speeds up to 30fps. Extremely sharp images and less blurring.
  • The Silver edition also includes all of the remaining updates listed above, including Protune for photos, new audio system, Night Photo/Night Lapse, updated GoPro app, Highlight Tag, Super View, and Auto Lowlight.

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