Rainbow Sandals: the flip-flop that never wears out.


I lost my rainbows a few weeks ago and since then I’ve encountered endless situations where I wished I had them! In my opinion, there is no good substitute. The pair I lost was also the first pair I ever bought…when I was 16. Nearly 8 years of wearing that same pair and they never got old. That’s a long relationship with a piece of gear! They were practically family! ; )

I took them on every trip, I let them sit out and bake in the sun, I frequently doused them in water, and they still looked great. I’d go as far as to say that I liked them better at 8 years then I did when they were brand new! It’s something about the way they just mold to your foot over time without ever feeling less sturdy. The thin leather straps were perfectly neutral for any outfit and never looked cheap.

After lamenting for a few weeks I decided it was time to buy my next pair. The pair that will last me the next 8  years…and possibly longer if I don’t lose them! I went for the “Flirty Braidy” flip flop in Sierra Brown. We’re off to a very good start!

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