Camping in Tahoe with Kammoks!

christinekammokstars I knew camping in hammocks would be fun, but I was not expecting the delightful childlike giddiness I felt when I hopped into my Kammok “Roo” for the first time! Remember being six years old and how happy you were inside of a fort, or climbing a tree?  I was immediately transported back to those feelings of joy and excitement.

On Labor Day weekend we set out on a Tahoe adventure. We drove off the beaten path to a ridge in the wilderness with clearings here-and-there for camping. It’s a really special place because it’s not your average over-crowded campground, you don’t need reservations, and it looks out over Desolation Wilderness. To get there you must maneuver your car around large rocks and deep holes on a rarely travelled fire road near the Pacific Crest Trail, but once you arrive, it’s worth it!

I must admit that I was skeptical about how comfortable the Roo’s would be, or how securely they would attach to a tree. But with two people we set up each hammock in under 3 minutes. I discovered that they are, indeed, extremely comfortable! It’s like a little cocoon. There’s lots of extra fabric that you can wrap around yourself and you can even tie the sides together above you. When you bring in your sleeping bag or comforter, you’re practically sleeping in cloud. My advice is to put some extra insulation below you so that your back doesn’t get chilly when it’s pressed against the hammock fabric and exposed to cold air.

Here are some photos from our trip and a video of us packing up our Roo’s!

Photos by Abe Kislevitz, All rights reserved.

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