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I think I speak for most of us outdoor fitness enthusiasts when I say that I appreciate cozy in-door time incredibly more when I’m spending hours each day outside in the elements. Changing into soft pj’s is twice as nice after you’ve come home from a long bike ride (or mission of your choice) and washed off all the dirt & sweat. Or put more simply, when part of your day is spent towards gearing up, it just feels great to gear down.

I recently collaborated with an online lingerie store called Alouette Company. Their brand’s mission is to facilitate women feeling beautiful from sunrise to sunset while they passionately pursue their dreams. We worked together to collect some images of me in my daily songwriting routine while wearing their carefully curated selection of loungewear. I have to say…I never really thought of myself as a fancy girl. I’m sure many of you can agree with me. We get dirty, we work up a sweat, we cover our bodies in strange protective material and equipment. But there is something about changing into soft clothing at the end of the day that I have always just loved!

When Alouette sent me these lacy, extraordinary, silky loungewear pieces, I was definitely a bit bewildered. I had never really worn such nice things to just hang out in my home. But once I tried them on…there was no going back. The fabrics were soft and light, but more importantly, I just felt so beautiful! Have you ever just sat somewhere reading, or making coffee, and felt really beautiful? Normally the thought wouldn’t really cross my mind.

So there you have it. Under Gear. Wash off the dirt, sweat, and slip into some silk. It will make your rest and recovery feel special :) Alouette Company will have you glowing even after the sun goes down. Here are some photos! Tell me which piece you’d wear!



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