Bariloche Tourist Shopping Haul

barilocheshoppingI made a point of going shopping on my last day in Bariloche, Argentina! It was my first time to South America and I wanted some keep-sakes. I knew there would be wonderful knits and leather. I wanted to find unique and winter-y pieces that I could incorporate into my style or in my home. I also think it’s a great way to absorb the culture and see the local artistry and craftsmanship. The first thing I bought was a beautiful box of chocolates. Bariloche is known for its many chocolateries that sit on almost every block corner. I didn’t picture those because I ate them all : P I did manage to find some wonderful knits! Pictured above are:

1. A black soft wool shawl with a geometrical south american pattern and fringe. This piece fits my style really well and I love that you can wear shawls a million different ways!

2. A chunky white & grey patterned blanket for my home. Right now it’s laid across the end of my bed and looks wonderful! I love how bold patterns in light colors remain so neutral in a room.

3. Knee-high patterned Alpaca socks. Can’t wait to wear these under boots or as slippers around the house! They are incredibly soft.

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