My Favorite Nike Shoes


I had the fortune of making a trip to the Nike employee store recently! Walked away with a few new pairs of shoes. Here are my buys and my thoughts on each pair. I photographed the shoes after wearing them each a few times, so ignore the scuffs ;)

Nike Flyknit Lunar2


These are definitely my favorite of the bunch. The fit is exceedingly better than the other shoes for my foot (which is slightly more wide than average.) They offer the toe space I prefer for a running shoe and the stability I like as well. They look sleek on your feet, have a beautiful pattern, and breathe very well.

Nike Free 4.0


I am obsessed with the minty hue of these sneakers, combined with the marbled grey and white pattern. They are very bright and pop at the gym. I think I will designated this pair for gym trips only because I don’t want to get them dirty! There’s enough space for my foot but, for some reason, they look a bit puffy when I wear them- that that old-fashioned sneaker look before designs became more thin and sleek.

Nike Free 5.0


From a style standpoint, these are my favorite look. I love the fact that you can wear them on so many occasions because they’re subtle and never clash with clothing. The Nike Free 5.0 is great for training but I would never wear these running. I prefer more stability and support in a running shoe. These are also very, very narrow. There is a deep dip on the inside arch where my foot hangs over a bit. I will probably look for these in a “wide” option next time, which I’ve never had to do before.

IMG_0201 IMG_0207



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